Our Plant is equipped with following safety cabins CLEAN ROOM: ISO 8 (Class 100,000): qualified on a regular basis, designed to offer the best environment for handling pharmaceutical products, avoiding environmental contamination and preventing product cross-contamination. ISOLATORS: Glove Box & Half-Suite Box.


For all activities that need to be contained, JETPHARMA will ensure:

  • Complete avoidance of cross-contamination and mix-ups
  • No release of hazardous substances into the environment
  • Protection of the active ingredient, operators and surrounding area.


The capabilities of our isolators:

  • Containment level below 25 ng/m3 – 3rd party verified
  • Wide range of available handling options; packaging up to 120 litre drums
  • Fast operations and quick lead times
  • Milling flexibility provided by different types and sizes of mill
  • Choose from different activities like jet milling, sieving, pin milling, PSD analyses, dispensing, packaging under an inert environment


All in total containment!

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